Parma Produkt has been enabling pharmacists to perform their laboratory work more efficiently since 1950.

Having a very strong customer focus, Parma Produkt has looked after the needs of their main customers and enabled them to perform laboratory work more effectively and efficiently by offering them a wide range of high quality raw materials, semi-finished goods, preparations and a continuously expanding range of services:

  1. Production of medicinal formulations, a service for pharmacists.
    FoNo based local medicinal preparations (pharmacopoeial basic preparations), prescribed by doctors and once prepared in pharmacies, are manufactured in Parma Produkt’s laboratories and dispensed to patients in pharmacies. 
  2. Packaging of raw materials for pharmaceutical use and the production of semi-finished products used for preparation of crafted medicines by pharmacists.
  3. Manufacturing & packaging of purified water, hand disinfectant, teas, herbal creams.
  4. Contract manufacturing services to pharmaceutical manufacturers, including quality assurance services, sales and marketing activities.