Contract manufacturing

Parma Produkt Ltd., within the frame of – contract manufacturing - contractual work, implements packing and also manufacturing of medicines, cosmetics, and food-supplements to its partners.

Our business partners list, without limitation

  • Generica s.r.o. ointment packing and manufacturing
  • Valeant tablets packing and manufacturing
  • Reanal solution packing and manufacturing
  • Herbária gél manufacturing
  • Sinnex tablets packing and solution manufacturing
  • Osteofit tablets packing and manufacturing
  • Pharmax tablet, and ointment packing and manufacturing

Totally more than 20 partner for contractual work.
More than 60 manufactured products.
Thanking to our technical equipments, and to the experience of our qualified employees graining, tableting, ointment- and solution-manufacturing, packing tasks are in our portfolio.
We can fulfil manufacturing and packing tasks in our three modern locations, flexible, following your request, and meeting the quality expectations.