Keralit 10 mlKERALIT

Corn Cure

10 ml

  • Naturally eliminates corns and callous
  • Leaves no stains on clothes and stockings

KERALIT is a product developed to soften and remove corn and callous.
Keratin (epidermis) is the main product of the epithelium, which can be soft or hard. This former form can be found in the epithelium, while the latter is characteristic of the nail and hair. Keratinization starts in the lower layers of the epithel, as keratinized cells retain their cell membranes, and thus the keratin layer is not a simple continuous keratin film. In the course of pathological keratinization, visible keratin flakes occur, and KERALIT corn removing painting liquid can be used for their removal. The product is a mixture of organic acids (salicylic acid, lactic acid) dissolving callous, and they are dissolved in volatile solvents and film forming material. The acidic components dissolve the keratin layer of the skin quickly and painlessly, soften and exfoliate corns and scales. In addition, it has a slight skin-irritating effect that soothes itches and sweating, and is antiseptic and antimycotic.
An advantage of the use of product is that it contains a film-forming ingredient to form a thin, adherent, flexible, continuous film after the quick evaporation of the solvents, and it does not dissolve in water. Thus, the active agents are properly fixed and concentrated on any treated surface.
The product is a colourless, transparent liquid without precipitates, it does not leave stains on clothes.
The product should be applied in a thin layer to the area to be treated as using the brush attached to the cap, and then leave it to dry.

Wash the keratinized epithel with warm water, and then apply the KERALIT in a thin layer, daily. An even film layer is formed after drying that dissolves the keratin. Repeat the treatment for several days, until the corn is removed.

Isopropyl alcohol, acetone, salycilic acid, lactic acid, acrylates, copolymer, castor oil


  • Wash the film layer from healthy skin immediately.
  • Do not apply it on injured or inflamed skin.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with the eye.
  • Inflammable.

Manufacturer/holder of the marketing license:
Parma Produkt Ltd, Hungary
H–1145 Budapest, Uzsoki u. 36/a

Preferred distributor: PHOENIX Pharma Co.