Medicinal products

Raphachol granulátum 70g Raphachol granules

These are non-prescription products with curative effects, helping easy digestion complaints without doctor’s consultation.
Patients, folk-therapy and professional literature of last decades approve the effects of preparations. The product components such as black-radish, and fennel thanking to their effects to bile production, are cutting cholestatis, resulting in drop the chance of bile-stone. They improve digestion, diminish, and cease the tympanites and plumpness.

When is it forbidden to use granule-products?
In case of bile-stone, constant stomach and intestinal problems. In case of familial lactose and fructose intolerance, and glucose- galactose malabsorption (absorption disorders) and in case of sensitivity against anethole, one must not consume granule.

Children also can use granule over the age of 7, according to the dosage instructions.
During pregnancy usage of the preparation is not recommended.

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Raphachol tabletta 30xRaphachol tablets


For further information, please read the patient leaflet »