About us

The company of Parma Produkt Gyógyszergyártó Ltd. was founded in 1996, owned by PHOENIX Pharma Ltd., which is one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Hungary. Our main task is being always flexible, to produce quality controlled medicative, and medicinal products, and other products considering customer requests for quantity at constant standards. We supply the pharmacies through wholesalers.

Our main activity is to produce and to arrange secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products. We have licence for manufacturing of tablets, solutions, ointments, and suppositories.

Our currently operating 3 locations are capable to work according to OGYI and GMP instructions.

Our target is to supply the pharmacies with goods in wide range in excellent quality considering the needs of pharmacists and patients.

The aesthetic form of our products is not less important, than the logistic aspect of packaging.

We have been developing for several years. We work in our 3 locations – in a nowadays renewed one in Budapest, one in town of Vecsés, and one in Szeged - based on GMP-instruction under the leadership of well qualified managers.

Thanking to the structure of our company, we are capable and striving for reacting fast and flexible upon actual market needs. All these can be fulfilled, if we have qualified employees at certain levels, who make good decisions, within certain frames.
Our regular participation in the largest event of our profession, called National Congress of Pharmacists hold yearly in town of Siófok is an important tool of personal relationship with our pharmacy-customers. During this exhibition, we let our partners – suppliers, direct and indirect customers - meet the leaders of our company. We have a traditionally good relationship with Pharmaceutical department of Universities, with Pharmaceutical Society, and with Chamber of Hungarian Pharmacist.

Our factories for packaging processes and for tablet-, solution-, and ointment- products beside our own products, accepts requests for manufacturing from our partners using our open capacities in the framework of written agreement. Manufacturing and secondary packaging processes of other products, which are not classified as medicines, (e.g. cosmetics, foodsupplement) are carried out in the city of Vecsés and Budapest. Our Budapest location has HACCP-licence to produce liquid fodder-supplements.

In 2012 our old dream came true, we launch our own continuously enlarging productrange called Patikárium.

On 01st of February 2013. PHOENIX MAGI packaging Ltd. and PARMA PRODUKT manufacturing Ltd. unified. The aim of PHOENIX MAGI packaging Ltd. – mergence was to unify the parties, to create a more rational company structure, and to filter parallel activities, to take advantage of joint synergies.

We do think the satisfaction of our customers, cost-effective management, and the necessary regular training of our qualified experts, and of our unskilled employees regarding good performance have high importance.